In April 2017 our very first Teacher Training Programme took place with the staff of Society for Rehabilitation for Crippled Children (SRCC) at Haji Ali. Where the staff of the school who work with children who have cerebral palsy providing them physical therapy, emotional therapy, occupational therapy etc and also to children with other needs.

We had active discussions on how we need to be sensitive to children who come to us to share something and also being an active listener rather than question them on any aspect that they share. Realising that it’s much difficult for the child to share something and trust someone is a very crucial thing to understand which was fairly agreed upon by everyone present in the training session.



As we have never covered our programme with children with special needs we gave our ideas of what we cover and the themes that we talk about with children to the staff and we let the teachers and therapists engage in activity wherein we asked them of how they themselves would explain the concepts such as Safe and Unsafe to the children. It was interesting to see that of what we thought would be complicated and a different approach altogether the techniques used by the staff were quite simple easy to understand.



We started with the discussion on how prevalent Child sexual abuse is in our country and sharing with them the current statistics on how it’s a silent epidemic growing into our worst nightmare. Where they also shared instances where their students had encountered some unsafe situations.

April 2017: SRCC, Haji Ali
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