Our Team

Ishita Manek – Co-founder & Director

Graduated from the prestigious IHM-Mumbai (Dadar Catering college), she made her mark in the field of Mixology as one of India’s first few female mixologists. She has also worked as a Naturalist in the popular Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve. A free-spirited personality, she quit her job to pursue this field (CSA) full time. She has trained extensively in this field and has helped design programmes that Rubaroo implements. She builds rapport easily with children and is able to communicate with them effectively by engaging their attention. A thorough travel enthusiast, her hobbies include mountain climbing, astronomy, being a food critic and learning new languages.

Lisha Chheda – Co-founder & Director

She holds a Masters in Counselling Children and Young People from the University of Nottingham and helped framed Rubaroo’s programmes. A skilled counsellor, she is trained to handle trauma cases. Being a very empathetic and compassionate person, she is able to help children who open up to her about unsafe situations. An effective communicator, the team admires her ability to win a discussion with reason and logic. Her need for organization and precision make her an extremely efficient and responsible person. Her hobbies include scuba diving, exploring wild life and reading.

Saloni Sawnani – Head of Counselling

A highly skilled clinical psychologist with over 17 years of experience., she has worked under the likes of Dr. Ashit Sheth – the renowned mental health care guru. She supervises Rubaroo’s counselling cases and is the team’s therapist. A compassionate person, she likes to be actively involved in bringing about change. Her expertise includes use of various therapies like CBT,EMDR,REBT and Supportive psycho-therapy.

Meghana Jadhav – Counsellor & Senior Project Officer

A post graduate in Counselling Psychology from Mumbai University, she is an experienced and excellent counsellor. She is well acquainted with the subject of CSA and applies her skills aptly on field. When not working, she can be found reading or indulging in her love for the outdoors. Her love for the mountains has taken her on many a trek – in the Sahyadris and in the Himalayas.

Priya Vaidya – Counsellor & Project Officer

Completed her Masters in Medical and Psychiatry Social Work, a PG Diploma and an Advanced PG Diploma in Counselling Psychology from XIC. She is trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Her non-judgemental attitude help her in her work with children. She is a trained classical singer.

Pallavi Belkhede – Counsellor & Project Officer

A post graduate in Clinical Psychology from the University of Mumbai, she has trained at hospitals like J.J, Sion and Thane Mental Hospital. She is an active listener, a great team player and a quick learner-which all work to her advantage. Pallavi loves to read and to dance.

Taha Jodiawala – Mentor

Has been a catalyst for and a mentor to Rubaroo from the very start and assists with organizational development and fund raising activities. He runs his own NGO that works with street children.

Paresh Sachdev – Marketing Advisor

A marketing whiz who has volunteered his expertise and his services to Rubaroo. Despite not having a background in the field, he shows tremendous sensitivity and dedication to the cause.